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I use Xmind as a tool for work, but also for every sort of information collecting. So it is a everyday tool and for that it there need to be some options for a better customization.

Such simple things like "Setting defaults for subtopic levels" in an other thread must be set up without editing the system files.

But till this is made I need to tweak it a little bit.

Is there a way to disable this default (2) bar? I never used it and need screen space.

By the way, if the menu bar (1) would hideable (like Firefox, IE activate with left alt) it would be great too.
Hope to get some interesting answers!




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current, xmind does not have this kind feature. And I think it's a little hard for xmind.

If you're xmind pro user, maybe you can try the brainstorming mode to enjoy the full screen edit. :) This may not be the best solution, but worth to try.





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